Saturday, 6 July 2013

Bookworm. And proud.

This is just a small introductory post, about me and this blog, so here's praying it will make perfect sense. Ever since I was a little girl caught up in the numerous worlds created by very skilled authors I think my imagination has always ran away with itself, I dreamt of books coming to life and being lost in ancient cities, tangling with pirates and having animals as my best friends. This makes me sound like I was quite a lonely child and although I had close friends whose friendships I still cherish, I have always tended to prefer my own company. You can never really feel lonely if you have a book. I have always loved reading, I felt like Belle from Beauty and the Beast or Matilda from Matilda, I would read and read whenever I could. Roald Dahl is still a huge favourite of mine, he is a magical man and I will love him forever for writing such wonderful books that make the ordinary world seem a lot more extraordinary when I was growing up.

As I aged, I began reading longer, complex books, I was ahead for my age when it came to reading which wasn't much of a surprise to anyone, I think at that age all children just have this desperate thirst for knowledge. I can recall sitting in our playroom with a blank ruled notebook in front of me and a biro, I would scribble in between the lines ceaselessly convinced I was writing and that someone would see this and marvel at my genius. Obviously, I came crashing down to earth at an alarmingly fast rate when I actually looked at the incomprehensible wavy squiggles that had formed as a result of my tireless efforts. I read Jacqueline Wilson too, and then more acclaimed novels. I grew to love Fitzgerald, Salinger, Bronte, Wilde. I read series like Gossip Girl; paranormal series; and the most popular one Harry Potter (although I didn't read that until I was seventeen, I honestly don't know why it took me so long). I like to dabble in all genres to see if I like it.

The idea that millions of people fall in love with these characters was something that really hit me; we see it with so many novels. You just have to look at the quite worrying intensity of Twi-hard fans. Yes I have read the books and honestly adored them when I was twelve but I feel you grow out of them very quickly, the novelty just seems to wear off as quickly as it attracted you. The point is anyone can read, but it takes something different to write. 

I have been writing ever since I learnt how to, I loved all creative writing tasks we had at school. Once, in Year 8 we were all assigned to write a ten thousand word story about absolutely anything. I almost exploded with joy. I honestly think that was the only piece of homework I didn't complete in my registration period in my entire seven years there. I love writing, I love creating something from nothing. When I write I feel like time just slips by quietly and I am utterly content, I love rereading my own shoddy work and being mollified when I see signs of improvement. I just love writing and it is my greatest ambition in life.

Lately, however, I haven't been writing as much. This might have something to do with the craziness of university or my preoccupation with my other blog which you can see here. Hence, this blog. I write a lot and it is always key characters that keep popping back up into my mind, so they will most likely be the ones that you will be acquainted with shortly. A lot of them are inspired from various other things so no I am not entirely original and for this I apologise, if I use any names from other series I will cite them. I don't own any rights, I have had no published works and no I am not even sure if my writing is any good. The fact is I have a whole summer ahead of me and no money left in my account, so this is the perfect opportunity to fall back into an old love of mine. Writing. Every cloud, hey.

It's surprising the attraction of fiction, but sometimes reality just sucks. Escapism is best found in a book, I have always found. There are just so many works of fiction out there, it really is incessant, and I find this fact comforting. There will always be books. I hope you like whatever I write. Comment and follow if you wish to. Like most of my blogs they are more for me, an outlet for everything I have going on in my mind, so even if no-one is reading this I will most likely continue, still a bit of support would be nice. Thank you very much and enjoy this lovely weather. I will also include book reviews and recommendations on this blog too. 

Love Kiran x

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